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Find your path to true wealth.

You deserve to live a wealthy life.

You are the top priority.

Tell me more about Truman Wealth Advisors

My name is Mindy McCubbin and I am the founder and owner of Truman Wealth Advisors. I serve busy professionals who need to delegate an essential aspect of their lives to someone they trust.

Get to know Mindy

I do my best work with clients who want investments explained in an uncomplicated and transparent way.

I help clients feel confident they will meet their goals.

I act as a true partner dedicated to their success and willing to provide independent objective financial advice.

I transform my client’s lives by eliminating financial worry and fear and replacing it with confidence and peace of mind.

Why are you looking for a financial advisor?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the vast assortment of investment options and get stressed about whether you are making the right choices? Do you wish you could trust someone to be both highly knowledgeable AND to always act in your best interest? Do you want someone to help you navigate the path to financial freedom so you can build a life you love?

I will bring my vast knowledge of markets, financial products and strategies to your personal situation. I understand your struggles and fears. My passion is to help you make decisions with confidence and your family will always be my first priority. I understand what it means to want financial security so you can dream big. We'll get there together.

Let's start a conversation.